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We manufacture Non-Cryogenic Tanks for Liquid Petroleum Gas.

At V.S. Pressure Vessels & Gas Projects Pvt. Ltd., we undertake the engineering, development and manufacturing of non-cryogenic tanks for all your LPG projects as per the Indian or International standards.

Our non-cryogenic tanks made of stainless steel are the ideal solution for pressure tanks with food-grade quality as they offer resistance against corrosion with hygienic properties. They are the ideal tanks to be used for production and storage of domestic hot water, too.
The vitreous enamelling for domestic hot water storage tanks is also the most suitable lining in the market, and it is made of carbon steel with special protection of the metal surfaces that come in contact with water, with food-grade quality assurance.

As part of our LPG systems, we offer various products for storage, transport and handling of LPG including static tanks, vapourization systems, autogas skids, tank containers and tankers for the transport of LPG.

You can choose non-cryogenic tanks of various capacities at VSPV as per your project requirements.

LPG Storage Capacity

Definition of Capacity

Nominal capacity- All this capacity can be used, defined as below in Fig. 1. This capacity is usually used as a tank name.

Geometrical capacity- Volume inside a vessel which is called “a water volume” in NFPA.

Storage capacity- The volume from the tank bottom to the maximum design level. This volume varies depending on the operating temperature.

Net-working capacity- Volume between HLL and LLL or HHLL and LLLL.

LPG Tank Size Chart

LPG Tank Sizes – Fuel Tank Weight:


LPG Tank Capacity (tonnes)

LPG Tank Sizes:

Diameter (mm)
LPG Tank Sizes:

Length (mm)
LPG Tank Sizes:

Capacity (L)
0.5 tonne LPG Tank 915mm 2250mm 980 litres
1 tonne LPG Tank 1065mm 2690mm 1960 litres
2 tonne LPG Tank 1220mm 3920mm 3920 litres
2.5 tonne LPG Tank 1220mm 5940mm 4900 litres
3 tonne LPG Tank 1220mm 7960mm 5880 litres

LPG tank sizes (propane tank sizes) shown are indicative. Actual LPG tank sizes can vary.
Extremely large LPG tank sizes (propane tank sizes) are also available.

Projects are customized for customer needs based on a set of pre-defined scopes and proven designs to provide a high quality asset at a competitive price. The scope and quality of our services sets VSVP apart from its competitors, and our range of capabilities is unique. We offer: Advice and assistance in deal structuring and financing, including financial modelling and feasibility studies. Proven LPG infrastructure solutions supported by a world-class LPG Solutions Design team. Complete EPC deliveries with guaranteed pricing, delivery schedules and performance, as well as process solution deliveries.

Our standard LPG tank sizes are 45kg, 90kg or 210kg. An LPG tank (propane tank) or LPG storage tanks is made from welded steel and is designed for the required pressures and heat expansion of the stored hydrocarbon gases, including propane and butane. LPG tanks are frequently seen at petrol stations for LPG Autogas storage.

We manufacture small lpg tanks used for domestic purposes like hotels, household, kitchens and other applications. We supply a complete facility for LPG storage and use including storage tank, piping, safety fittings, valves, vapouriser, pressure reducing station, manifold piping, reticulated piping system.

LPG Storage: Conclusion

Plot space constraints (due to safety distances), ambient conditions, site access, tie-in points as well as client requirements are important considerations before commencing the design. The available plot space will determine the maximum storage volume of LPG, due to the safety distances and applicable standards as mentioned earlier.

Further considerations will include the other decisions mentioned earlier in this article. These will include practicalities with regards to construction as well as typical incoming gas composition and location.

Once all of the aforementioned and other project-specific decisions have been made and sound engineering practice and judgement has been exercised by experienced professionals; the decision can be made on the type of storage vessel and the amount of LPG that the facility can accommodate. Each design will therefore be unique, based on specific site requirements and not be based on previous projects and/or designs.

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